Garden Fields Cricket Club Golfers squad


Captain : Gary Fisher

Very much an all rounder, although a bit less round in recent years. Single figure batsman who sometimes has to use two hands behind the stumps. Enjoys the beer and the banter at least as much as the cricket.
Stephen Bonfield
A lockable chap who's physical appearance seems to hold endless appeal to my team mates.A proven event organiser who is often called upon to arrange "pop up" type celebrations normally once every 3 years 
Mark Bunting
Trouble! Keen motivator of all team members, especially when they need reminding to run faster / more often! Have been known to find 'trouble' and impersonate a tramp on a packed rush hour Thameslink train on the way back from Lords(oops!)
David Clamp
Can run fast between the wooden sticks. Oh and it was never ever my jumper.
Martin Ferguson
Member of the backwards bowling club since 2002. Currently undergoing rejuvenation treatment at Flamsteadbury Farm and Marlborough School.
Adrian Foster
Often referred to as a muppet; - Best Friend - Kermit; - Secret soft spot for Miss Piggy; - As mad as the Swedish chef;- Plays cricket like Animal
Tim Griffiths
Liverpool's greatest left arm swing bowling export,and Garden Field's one true athlete. A teetotal,who's love for ' working out ' is surpassed only by his ability to stave off injury
Nick Martin
Currently in Perth, Australia resting for the 2010 season!
Duncan McAllister
Can't keep gob shut when I should..... Am getting very old, but not as old as The Dab - however, he can hold his liquor...
Trevor Merriden
Hey, great mates! Smashie here! Used to work for "Fab FM", in the days before young, 'irreverent' DJs. Now I'm a cultural force on "Radio Quiet" where I like to reminisce about the good old days - and try not to talk about my all my good work for Cheri-dee.
Simon Shepard
RHB / RM / slightly less ataxic than bomber Non stop happiness from start to finish is my mantra on life.
Rob Walter
The One Shot Wonder, No. 2 Wicket Keeper & top left arm bowler - Usually "Busy Doing Nothing" most of the time. Excels at launching ball after ball to cow corner, usually for 6, the player with the easiest wagon wheel to create.. Scored runs for fun in 2009 but on a bit of a lull since then.....
Paul Wilkinson
A 'Woollyback' Liverpool fan - I'm best known for 'shirt-tight marking' the sausage and chips at the 6 Bells and for being the dad of Tim Griffiths' catching coach - my daughter Martha aged 4
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