Garden Fields Cricket Club Social squad


Captain : The Secretary

I make sure the mighty Men of Fields are happy and relaxed by tending to their every need. I rub them when they are sore and I soothe them when they are angry. I am always there when they need me. I am very good at my job.
Paul Anstee
I go to church,turn up for matches and take catches, on an erratic basis! Targets for the 09 season are:turning up for 5 matches;staying on my feet for 5 minutes when batting and,having a go at bowling. May the sun shine. M
Stephen Bonfield
A lockable chap who's physical appearance seems to hold endless appeal to my team mates.A proven event organiser who is often called upon to arrange "pop up" type celebrations normally once every 3 years 
Gary Buck
The greatest wicketkeeper never to play in that position for GFCC; a global conspiracy to rival Roswell, Area 51, the disappearance of Lord Lucan and how Carlton Palmer and Jeff Thomas ever got to play for England. Also rumoured to be the Jock's lovechild.
Mark Bunting
Trouble! Keen motivator of all team members, especially when they need reminding to run faster / more often! Have been known to find 'trouble' and impersonate a tramp on a packed rush hour Thameslink train on the way back from Lords(oops!)
Bill Burt
David Clamp
Can run fast between the wooden sticks. Oh and it was never ever my jumper.
Alan Crowther


Over 50 (but so youthful you wouldn't believe it)

Patrick Donovan
The Don (Bradman not Corleone): Been around forever: Can often be found drinking with Big Al.
Paul Evans

Right Arm Very Slooooww

2015/16 Premiership Champions

Martin Ferguson
Member of the backwards bowling club since 2002. Currently undergoing rejuvenation treatment at Flamsteadbury Farm and Marlborough School.
Gary Fisher
Very much an all rounder, although a bit less round in recent years. Single figure batsman who sometimes has to use two hands behind the stumps. Enjoys the beer and the banter at least as much as the cricket.
Merlin Glynn
Stuck in Texas....Trying to find my way back to St Albans for good...
Tim Griffiths
Liverpool's greatest left arm swing bowling export,and Garden Field's one true athlete. A teetotal,who's love for ' working out ' is surpassed only by his ability to stave off injury
Mark Hamblin
A supporter of "The Arsenal" and lover of the greatest tipple known to man ~ Stella! Member of the 'Big Dave' Fan Club. Objective - Being 'ONLY' 39 - keep the team average age down!!!
Alex Hill
He's blond,
He's quick,
His name's a porno flick,
Emmanuel, Emmanuel...
William Jones
A genuine all-rounder, an incredibly slow bowler and a batter with the technique of a hockey player. Currently on loan to the Warwickshire CC academy however has been linked with a return to GFCC for the summer of 2010*.

*dependent on successful contract negotiations.
Nick Knapp
A number eleven batsmen with TT like catching ability. Famed for one run out and still living off it! Equally at home at the crease or in Langley Crescent gardens.
Darrell Martin
Moved away but is back for the BBC in 2009!
Nick Martin
Currently in Perth, Australia resting for the 2010 season!
Duncan McAllister
Can't keep gob shut when I should..... Am getting very old, but not as old as The Dab - however, he can hold his liquor...
Peter Moss
Never consider doing anything too quickly, particularly moving on a cricket field! I blame the medication.
Allen Nicklin
Nickname: Big Al Best sledger in the world, known to appeal for LBW from the pavillion. Ask him about good pubs and real ale and he'll bore you for hours. Specializes in London Pub Tours. Now enjoying a life of retirement
Stephen Nicklin
Known as Postie (the best wicket keeper the Men of Fields has ever had)
Matt Niel

...a nickname given to a well-endowed male as it bares a resemblance to a dingo's...

hey dingo, hows it hangin'? ;)
David Scanlan
Been a while so havent padded up in a good ten years. Mostly played rugby for St Albans
Simon Shepard
RHB / RM / slightly less ataxic than bomber Non stop happiness from start to finish is my mantra on life.
John Smith
A demon Left Arm Spinner, Cat-like fielding reflexes and a Collingwood-esque batting style. Sadly these skills only come to light after several pints...
Andrew Turpin
Roles include: Tour Finesmeister; Supplier of Doughnuts by Royal Appointment to Bomber; Official Club Adviser on Using Feet to Spinners. Interests include: Picking Pears from the Big PawPaw
Ben Walker
Rob Walter
The One Shot Wonder, No. 2 Wicket Keeper & top left arm bowler - Usually "Busy Doing Nothing" most of the time. Excels at launching ball after ball to cow corner, usually for 6, the player with the easiest wagon wheel to create.. Scored runs for fun in 2009 but on a bit of a lull since then.....
Alastair Watson
Play crap like watching and help with the score book PS No players membership must apply?
Paul Wilkinson
A 'Woollyback' Liverpool fan - I'm best known for 'shirt-tight marking' the sausage and chips at the 6 Bells and for being the dad of Tim Griffiths' catching coach - my daughter Martha aged 4
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